Monday, 10 January 2022

Raymond Sheppard and Small British Mammals poster

Small British Mammals poster

Small British Mammals is plate #27 in a series of school posters I had not seen before. Previously I've shown Two Years in the Infant School (Box 1 Topics 1-63) by Enid Blyton and also Macmillan's Teaching in Practice for Infant Schools (Projects and pictures).

The mammals portrayed are: weasel, stoat and water vole in the first row; long tailed field mouse, dormouse, shrew, in the second row; harvest mouse, hedgehog, and mole in the third and finally the badger, otter, and hare. The poster measures 13.5" wide by 14" tall.

The only reference to this I could find was an old eBay sale mentioning a second black and white poster of "Goldfish and Queensland Salmon" - the latter appears odd to me for a UK school! The seller ran the headline  they were part of a set of 142 posters, which appears too big to me for any classroom purchase as others are in the 50s and 60s.

If I get any further information, I shall amend this entry.

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