Monday, 25 March 2013

The Animal Doctor - Part Two

Royal Veterinary College NW1 0TU (Present day taken from Google Streetview)
Page viii (Drawn by Sheppard 1956)
The 'action' in this story (Animal Doctor by Laurence Maynell) begins at the Royal Veterinary College in Camden Town. The building illustrated by Raymond Sheppard is still used today by the College and "is also home to the London Bioscience and Innovation Centre (LBIC)". As their site states:
The foundation of The Veterinary College, London, in 1791 marked the establishment of the veterinary profession in this country. The development of the profession can be traced to that single act  [...] The Veterinary College, London, was born in the parish of St Pancras in 1791, on the present-day site of The Royal Veterinary College's Camden Town Campus. On 4 January 1792, the first four students attended the College to begin a three-year course intended to cover all aspects of the veterinary art. As funds became available the College developed, with facilities that provided a clear benefit to subscribers, such as stabling and an infirmary, taking precedence over a lecture theatre and dissecting rooms.

 Once can see, comparing the 1956 drawing to the current photo that the side archway and railings are still there, and as one would expect road markings and traffic have increased. The entrance as illustrated  by Sheppard hasn't change much either

Taken from Google Streetview

Page 10

To be continued...Part Three

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