Monday, 4 March 2013

British Fresh and Salt Water Fish

The following colour plates are taken from a book. I'm guessing they were in an encyclopaedia, and I would love to know if anyone knows which book they appeared in. Please email me

If you enlarge the plates the only clue I can see is "N.P.K. VIII p.256" (and 257)". Knowing books of this era (pre-1958) the initials might stand for something like "New Pictorial Knowledge"...but that title was published in the 1970s.There is a mention of the fact that these paintings are "Specially painted for this work" on the colour plates
Fresh Water Fish 1
Fresh Water 1
1= Pike, 2= Perch, 3= Carp, 4= Trout, 5= Roach, 6= Salmon

Fresh Water Fish 2
Fresh Water 2
7= Stickleback, 8=Minnow, 9=Grayling, 10= Char, 11= Barbel, 12= Loach, 13= Miller's Thumb or Bullhead

Fresh Water 3

Fresh Water3
14= Gudgeon, 15= Tench, 16= Bream, 17= Dace, 18= Chub,

Salt Water Fish 1

Salt Water 1
19= Large Spotted Dogfish , 20= Red Mullet, 21= Mackerel, 22= John Dory, 23= Plaice,
24= Conger Eel

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