Monday, 1 April 2013

The Animal Doctor - Part Three

In this last part of my article showing Raymond Sheppard's illustrations to Animal Doctor I feature the rest of the illustrations which include many of his animal drawings. In these days of instant finding on the Net, we forget what trouble finding a picture of an Italian Greyhound - for example - would have been.many illustrations are just that and the scene depicted might not appear in the story itself.

Page 56 Squirrel Monkey (?)

Page 65 Man studies by angle poise light

Page 66 Italian greyhound

Page 71 Goat kid

Page 73 Man smiling whilst smoking pipe

Page 74 Horses and jockeys jumping hedge in race

Page 98 Man looking at birds in cages
Page 109 Boxer

Page 110 Bull in its stall

Page 113 Mr. "Algernon Tiddles", and his cat and the vet with clipboard

Page 121 Farmer & farmhand hold cow's horns whilst vet makes notes

Page 134 Farmer & vet take jackets off in cow stall

Page 145 Three men look at 10 sheep which have been 'worried' by dogs and vet approaching

Page 155 Landscape with road in distance

Page 171 Calf stands for first time

Page 172 Dog worrying two sheep

Page 180 Two men drinking

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