Friday, 15 February 2013

The Modern World Book of Animals

The latest item added to my collection is thanks to one of my beautiful daughters who knows her Dad loves a second-hand bookshop. My wife is also very forbearing, she usually finds something of interest and settles to perusing it while I flick very quickly through pages and pages of old children's books.

Cover by unknown artist
The Modern World: Book of animals edited by John R. Gilbert [1950] Sampson, Low, Marston & Co. Ltd. dating the book is difficult, but C. L. Doughty has signed a picture of a camel caravan in the Sahara '1949' and the British Library catalogue record has [1950] which is usually arrived by the date of accession.

Raymond Sheppard's single piece appears opposite page 16 with the caption "No cat and dog fights seem likely here. A sunny day, a shimmering lake – and an enjoyable time is clearly guaranteed for all"

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A girl, boy and their pets are playing near a lake. It shows a girl in a pink dress raising her arm to throw a stick for a Jack Russell. The boy wearing a schoolcap is holding the leash of a border collie. A cat is pawing the girl's leg

The book is part of  series of "Modern World" books and other artists I can identify in this copy are Harold Tamblyn-Watts,  and 'Hofton'. Most of the book is made up of photographs

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