Monday, 4 February 2013

Raymond Sheppard and Seal Morning - Part Five

I mentioned that I wanted to say something about the artwork too and as this blog is about Sheppard, we need some artwork.

In the copies of Seal Morning that have Sheppard's drawings there are many 'flipped' pictures; single birds taken from the group he drewelsewhere in the book, and a rabbit leaping (but this time without the wall drawn underneath. There is also one strange picture which is 'flipped':

Lora the seal looks right with trees/bushes on her left

Lora looks left - same rock, mountain but no trees!

It was unusual but not unknown for Sheppard to use similar drawings - see below - but this is odd. The rock on the first picture looks crude on the left as if a publisher's artist was told to change it slightly. Unfortunately all my efforts to track down any original art from this work has led nowhere - disappeared just like Rowena Farre did in her lifetime!

Lastly Sheppard did so many animal studies in his lifetime that he was bound to duplicate ideas.

Hare runs right to left

The following is taken from a book called Round the year: Summer, p.97

But as you can see it's not flipped but a different picture, showing his great talent.

NEXT TIME:  Nature through the seasons in colour

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