Thursday, 30 July 2020

David Apatoff and Raymond Sheppard

Rabbit sketch

This is a really quick notice to say David Apatoff, the author of many art books which I own, such as
Robert Fawcett: The Illustrator's Illustrator, The Life and Art of Mead Schaeffer, Albert Dorne: Master Illustrator, The Life and Art of Bernie Fuchs and my favourite so far, Austin Briggs: The Consummate Illustrator, has written about Raymond Sheppard.

David's Amazon profile says:
David Apatoff likes great art in humble places: magazine and book illustration, comic strips and advertising art. "Many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air." I should use that as it sums up my hobby so well. 

I've been following David's blog for years as I love reading writing about art as it educates and inspires, and his recent series on The energy of the 1960s really made me appreciate another section of illustrators' works which as a child I dismissed as ghastly (compared to the naturalism of say, Sheppard). I need to warn you, you are about to go down a very entertaining rabbit hole if you follow any of these links to his blog!

Thanks for making contact David.

Illustration Art blog

Links to David's articles on Sheppard:

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