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Raymond Sheppard and Young Elizabethan magazine (Part Three)

Leave it to Jones by John Kippax Young Elizabethan January 1956

Cover by John Verney
See my notes on John Hynam in my previous article, here he uses the name John Kippax

Young Elizabethan January 1956, p.19

Young Elizabethan January 1956, p.21

The haunted schooner by Wilmon Menard Young Elizabethan July 1956

Young Elizabethan July 1956 p.15
It appears, if we have the same author, our unusually named author was born September 16, 1908 in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA and died July 25, 1998 (age 89) in San Diego, California, USA and wrote the story on which a Walter Pidgeon film called 6000 enemies (1939) was based. It seems obvious that Menard spent a lot of time in the South Seas and in 1965 was living in Honolulu. He also wrote a biography of W. Somerset Maugham as both men had the South Seas in common. many of Menard's stories appear to be based around the adventures at sea one way or another. he is even credited with making known the sport of octopus wrestling! Follow the link for a photo of Menard.
 His earliest piece I have found is in Wide World magazine May 1936; "Fire-Walkers of the South Seas". Many of his writings were for short story/fact magazines such as Adventure, Argosy, The Saturday Review, Wide World and some fantasy/science-fiction. You can read some of his work here 
and see a list of some of his fiction here

Flash the otter by Jeffrey Pearson Young Elizabethan February 1957

Young Elizabethan February 1957 p.19

Noel Streatfeild's Book Page Young Elizabethan April 1957

Young Elizabethan April 1957 p.21
To see the illustrations that Noel Streatfeild didn't show much interest in, visit my earliest blog pages

Anek's Tapek by Keith Horan Young Elizabethan June 1957

Young Elizabethan June 1957, p.10

Keith Horan wrote many stories for Boy's Own Paper during the 50s, (three of which were illustrated by Frank Bellamy) and we have seen one already by Sheppard. The Fictionmags Index shows some of these and Horan's work also appears in Wide World Magazine during the 50s.

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