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Raymond Sheppard and For All Boys and For All Girls and Calling All Boys

I have often said tracking down Raymond Sheppard artwork in Blackie and Son Limited publications is difficult. The individual artwork can be reprinted with the same story, a different story, a different book and so on. But today I have some that - I believe - were new at the time they were published.

Artist Unknown

CALLING ALL BOYS Blackie & Son Limited [No Date / British Library: [1953]]
"Ginger of the Big Top" by John Hornby is illustrated with three line drawings by Sheppard. Hornby wrote "Avocet Island" and "Fen Laughs Last"(which I shall scan some time soon) in the school Crusader series.

I love these images that are wrapped by text, a far easier thing to do with desktop publishing  tools that it would have been in this book. But the effect still captivates me 60 years afterwards
Calling all boys, p. 133
Young boy in shorts, wearing boxing gloves boxes a kangaroo

Calling all boys, p. 135
Turbaned man runs ahead as elephant struggles uphill.
Behind is steam engine pulling caravan and a man pulls the boy uphill

Calling all boys, p. 140
Man wearing Cossack hat rides horse followed by another rider, both chasing two wolves 
Artist Unknown

FOR ALL BOYS  Peal Press [No Date / British Library: [NONE]]
Blackie & Son had a copy in 1951 with a Native American on a horse, My copy is a 'modern' one showing two 'mods' laughing at a young boy who has crashed his go-kart! It looks to me that Peal Press, - the British Library hold 109 identifiable titles from Peal Press (London and Glasgow) - was Blackie & Son Limited. Same printer, same addresses and same books! I found an alternate version of this book online with the same contents - except mine has no plates. Sometimes a publisher might produce cheap books to use for sale to Churches as rewards; or as immediate 'remainders'. I have also seen a title page which states "Blackie's Prize Book of Stories" by Peal Press! But if anyone can tell me the story of Peal Press, I'd love to know.

"Ship of the shore" by E. G. Ashton is illustrated by Raymond Sheppard on pages 38 and 42

For all boys, p.38
Sheba is demonstrative
A camel nudges man over as another man and boy look on
A lion in cage and caravan in rear

For all boys, p.42
Startling a bathing party
Boy on camel against cross hatched sky – three figures in background

Artist Unknown

FOR ALL GIRLS Blackie and Son Ltd 1951
"Royal Monkey" by Isobel Knight

For all girls, p.145
Introduction to Chinko
Two girls meet a turbaned 'sultan ' with a monkey on the desk in front of him

For all girls, p.146
Chinko refused to settle down
Angry monkey moves from plate of bananas and fruit

For all girls, p.148
Patsy flung herself at the Indian
A Girl grabs turbaned man to the floor (bucket behind them)

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