Monday, 29 September 2014

Animals and their young by Raymond Sheppard (Part Two)

In Part One of this subject we saw the Polar Bears and in this article we can see all the other Sheppard pictures which appeared in the Longacre Press book Animals and their young, which reprinted the series by Sheppard from Swift comic. In the final part of this topic we'll look at how the art in the book does not match that of the comic.

Animals and their young A-L

Anteater p.3
Armadillo p.5

Bison p.11

Brown Bear p.12

Camel p.15
Cheetah p.17

Gazelle p.23

Giraffe p.25

Gorilla p.27

Hippopotamus p.31

Kangaroo p.33

Koala Bear p.35

Leopard p.37

Lion p.39

Animals and their young M-Z next....

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