Monday, 7 October 2013

SALES of Raymond Sheppard art at Paul Liss's site

I first met Paul Liss many years ago at the 20/21 Art fair and bought my first Raymond Sheppard piece there. Since then he has accumulated many pieces by Sheppard ranging from animal illustrations, landscapes and sketches through to illustrations for magazine articles and abstract paintings.

His latest collection of new stock (which includes Brangwyn, Victor Hume Moody, Nash amongst many others) has five pieces by Raymond Sheppard. I have reproduced them here for convenience but do visit his site for not only the new collection but also many other pieces by Sheppard that are for sale

With thanks to Liss Fine Art for allowing me to include these images and accompanying text

Christine seated on a stool, c. 1950
Christine, Sheppard's first child, provided her father many opportunities for him to learn the human figure. This piece is particularly sweet, in my opinion, with those wonderful coloured dress prints of the 1950s.

Study of Iris [Mrs. Sheppard] sleeping, mid 1940's

Another lovely piece. Was Iris faining sleep for purposes of skethching?

Indian Bull Frog (Rana Tigrina), circa 1950

Sheppard drew the illustrations for Lilliput October 1954 which were for a story by Gerald Durrell  called "The hunt for the hairy frogs" - a different breed, but all good practice to how a frog places it weight when at rest. 

Self Portrait Sketching, 1935
Sheppard himself here holds a board as sketches himself in a full length mirror. I have not yet found whether he used this in an illustration or whether it was for the use of cloth folds in a picture.

Beach scene, late 1930's

I have no idea which beach this is, but if anyone wants to hazard a guess please let me know

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