Sunday, 18 January 2015

Liss Fine Art auction January sale

Monarch of the Glen

Paul Liss has a sale starting on Monday 19 at 9am which includes 31 Raymond Sheppard originals

There are some from magazines such as Lilliput, and Young Elizabethan

Lilliput 1957 November "End of a sea raider" by Alan Scholfield
The image on the left was not included in the published version
Lilliput 1957 September "Q-ships were expendable" by John Prebble
The bottom left illustration of the machine gun on deck, was not published
Lilliput 1957 November "End of a sea raider" by Alan Scholfield
Lilliput 1952 Jan-Feb "The great Flight" by 'BB'
Printed in blue not orange!
Young Elizabethan 1956 January "Leave it to Jones" by John Kippax
In due course I'll explain and write about some of the above.

There are some portraits of his family and himself:
Christine imploring

Christine lies on floor with teddy bear

Christine with a doll
Michael with a toy car
Christine and her Dad

Christine at the table painting


Iris Sheppard listening to the radio

Christine is a very patient person, in my opinion, but i wonder how frustrated she must have been when her father asked her to strike a pose - such as 'imploring' above. Michael, Christine's brother, has a lovely portrait here. Sheppard's muted colours and the outlines sketched in appeal to me. The image of Iris, his wife is very natural, if not flattering.

There are landscapes and places:
Caravan in the woods

Although Sheppard illustrated a series for Blackies written by M. D. Hillyard, this is not an illustration from that series
Groynes on a beach
Chicken roosts?
Chipperfield Common Hertfordshire.
Unknown beach - can anyone identify - I suspect it's in Dorset
One of many abstracts - perhaps executed during cancer treatment in the 50s?

Then, of course, there are animal studies:

Strange looking polar bear!

And finally one that has always puzzled me:

Peublo Navaho and Apache ceramics
Presumably Sheppard had an assignment that involved Native Americans or he had an interest in these unusual pieces?

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